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As a faculty or staff member, you are in a unique position to notice when a student may be experiencing signs of distress or when a more serious mental health problem may be developing. Although you are not expected to provide counseling, you may use your position and your communication skills to assist students by referring them to someone who can help. In addition, students may come to you for guidance and assistance when their mental health issues are interfering with their coursework. It can be helpful to be prepared for such situations.

The following compilation of campus information is meant to address questions you may have about supporting the mental health of U-M students, including University procedures, and tips on how to handle situations you may encounter during your work with students with mental health disorders.

The University also provides resources for faculty and staff members who are experiencing distress or mental health problems. The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FASAP) and the University of Michigan Health System Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers a number of services designed to help staff, faculty, and immediate family members face personal difficulties encountered both at work and at home.

Mental Health Myths
Learn about common misperceptions of students with mental health disorders.

Assisting a Student in Need
This section provides links to helpful guides for all faculty and staff who come in contact with students with mental health disorders.

In the Classroom
Learn ways to address issues that may arise when working with students in an academic setting.

Find Treatment/Support Resources
Use this tool to find mental health resources and support services available on campus, and in the University of Michigan community.


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