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Learning Disorders

What are learning disorders?

People with learning disorders have average or above-average intelligence, yet have difficulty in one or more areas of learning that are significant enough to cause academic, occupational, or daily life problems.

Learning disorders are NOT an indication of low intelligence. In fact, many brilliant and influential people struggle with learning disorders.

Many people with learning disorders are able to get through primary school and high school with good grades because they are able to compensate for their difficulties in one area of learning by using their strengths in other areas. Sometimes problems arise when these students reach college and the work become more difficult or time-consuming.

Learning disorders can manifest themselves in different ways. Here are some common learning disorders:

Reading Disorder is a condition in which people have great difficulty reading accurately and/or comprehending what they read.

Mathematics Disorder is a condition in which people have difficulty performing various processes needed to complete math problems (e.g., reading or writing numbers, comprehending word problems, organizing numbers, etc.).

Disorder of Written Expression is a condition in which a person has great difficulty writing clearly, organizing thoughts, using correct grammar, and writing coherent thoughts.

Want to learn more about learning disorders?

Try the following resources:

Are you concerned that you may have a learning disability?

See our resource database for a list of books, websites, and local options for seeking professional evaluations and treatment.

Visit the Services for Students with Disabilities website to learn more about helpful services that are available to students with learning disorders.

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