As a parent, you know that you are an important part of your student’s support network.  Research has shown that even though students become more autonomous during their young adult years, parents remain a primary source of health information. To this end, we want to inform you about mental health services and resources available at the University of Michigan (U-M) and let you know what you and your student can expect. 

Here you will find information about mental health services at U-M, tips for helping your student prepare for a healthy transition to college, and ways you can help your student maintain good mental health.

Mental Health at the University of Michigan
See an overview of available mental health services and how they are commonly paid for at U-M.  Learn more about policies on confidentiality and information for parents regarding academics, health and safety, parents’ weekend and more.

Supporting Your Studentís Mental Health
Tips for helping students make a healthy transition to college and how to support them while they are at school.

Find Treatment/Support Resources
Use this tool to find mental health resources and support services available on campus, and in the University of Michigan community.


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