Information for U-M Students

Preparing for College
Preparing for CollegeMake a smooth transition to U-M by making a plan for managing your mental health while in college using interactive tools.

When to Seek Help
When to Seek HelpLearn tips for recognizing early signs of a mental health episode and make a graph of your individual symptom patterns.

Insurance & Paying for Mental Health Services
Insurance & Paying for Mental Health ServicesPaying for mental health treatment can be a complicated process. Use the information in this section to avoid financial headaches later.

Taking Care of Yourself
Taking Care of YourselfStrategies and tools to help manage stress and mental health symptoms while in college.

AcademicsMental health problems can interfere with academics. Learn ways to avoid academic problems if you have a mental health episode.

Mental Health Treatment
Mental Health TreatmentFind tips to get the most out of your mental health treatment, whether you are taking medication or are in psychotherapy (or both).

Mental Health Hospitalization
Sometimes mental health problems require hospitalization. In the event that you need to visit the hospital, find out what you can expect.

Helping a Friend
Helping a FriendWant to help a friend with a mental health problem? Learn about which strategies are most effective and which you should avoid.

Advice from Students
University of Michigan students share some of the wisdom they have gained during their mental health recovery.

Get answers to some frequently asked questions and mental health disorders.

Find Treatment/Support Resources
Use this tool to find mental health resources and support services available on campus, and in the University of Michigan community.


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