Helping a Friend

The following information is for students who are concerned about a friend or want to know how to support a friend with a mental health disorder. Included are information and tips about how to approach a friend, how to help him or her to seek treatment, and how to best support a friend who has been diagnosed with a mental health disorder. If you are concerned about your own mental health and are unsure about whether you should seek treatment, click here or visit MiTalk.

 If you believe that your friend is in immediate danger of harming themselves or others, call 911 or Psychiatric Emergency Services at (734) 936-5900.

Iím Concerned about my Friendís Mental Health
Become familiar with the signs that someone may be experiencing a mental health disorder and specific strategies for approaching a friend you are concerned about.

My Friend Has a Mental Health Disorder- How Can I Support Him/Her?
Read about tips for what helps and what hurts when it comes to supporting a friend who has told you they have a mental health disorder.

Links to More Information on How to Help 
Watch a panel of U-M students talk about how to support peers with mental health disorders and find links to more advice on how to help a friend.



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