Plan for Staying Healthy Outside the Hospital

An important part of your inpatient stay will be developing a plan for staying healthy after leaving the hospital.  Your plan should include both professional treatment and self-care strategies. 

If you are preparing to leave the hospital, see our discharge checklist to help you remember some last minute details.

Treatment:  If you don’t currently have an outpatient healthcare provider, hospital staff will help you find one.  You may also visit our resource database to learn about your treatment options and other support services available to you at the University of Michigan and in the Ann Arbor community.

You should leave the hospital with a detailed plan of what you need to do, which will include having an initial outpatient appointment time scheduled.

It can be helpful to think about what you want to discuss with your outpatient care provider before your first appointment.

Fill out the “My First Appointment” sheet to organize your thoughts and record important information about the date and time of your first appointment.

Self-care and coping skills: During your hospitalization, you will be given ideas for new coping skills you can try and other ways to stay healthy and manage your mental health.  You can incorporate these ideas into your plan for mental health and wellness.

See the list below for quick tips on taking care of your mental health, and visit the self-care section of this site for more information and strategies for staying healthy.   

Quick tips on how you can take care of your mental health:

  • Always take your medications as prescribed. Know why you are taking them and what side effects you might have.
  • Try to maintain regular sleep as much as possible. It might be very hard during high-stress times like finals, but is still vital.
  • Learn as much about your mental health disorder as you can. Work with your care provider to figure out the warning signs that might mean an episode is coming.
  • Have regular appointments with a care provider with whom you are comfortable. Don’t be afraid to change providers if you need to! Always keep your provider informed about what is going on in your life.
  • Learn about ways to take care of yourself and find helpful tips, tools, and resources in the self-care section of this website.
  • Schedule enjoyable activities outside of your classes, grad school applications, MCAT/LSAT/GRE stress, jobs, and other stressors.


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