I Don’t Have Insurance

Before coming to campus:

When deciding to seek care:

  • Remember that free and low cost services are available.  If you are a currently enrolled U-M student, you can receive free mental health services at Counseling and Psychological Services and mostly free medical services at University Health Service
  • Contact the facility where you would like to receive care to learn how much the services will potentially cost.
  • Ask if they offer a sliding scale fee. Even some health care providers that don’t advertise a sliding fee scale may be willing to make arrangements to accommodate your financial circumstances. Ask to speak to the financial office to explore your options.

    Sliding Scale Fee

    • Patients who pay from their own funds because they have no insurance, or because their insurance does not cover the treatment they want, and/or are not currently enrolled, may be able to pay on a sliding fee scale. This means that the healthcare provider will charge according to what you can afford based on your household income and financial circumstances.
    • If a sliding scale fee option is available, bring proof of income (tax forms, pay check stubs, etc.) for your entire household with you to your first appointment, or ask the clinic what you need to bring to your first appointment.
  • If you anticipate that payment will be a challenge, contact the UHS Managed Care/Student Insurance Office for financial resources and medical assistance.


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