Paying For Medication

If you have concerns about how you will pay for medication:

  • First, talk with your prescriber.  He/she can work with you and will likely be aware of available medication assistance programs or can direct you to someone who can help.
  • Consider purchasing the generic brand of your medication if one is available. Generic drugs are chemically identical to their branded counterparts but are often sold at a much lower price.  Ask your clinician during your visit if a generic brand is available.   
  • Ask your pharmacy if they have any discount prescription programs.  Pharmacies at major retailers such as Target, Kroger, Wal-mart and Sam’s Club may offer discount programs for commonly prescribed and generic medications, including psychiatric medications.  The University Health Service Pharmacy also offers reduced costs on many medications, including certain psychiatric drugs.
  • Visit This website allows you to search for your medication and see a list of all related patient assistance programs for which you may qualify. 

    Patient Assistance programs
    Patient assistance programs provide free or low-cost prescription medicine to people with limited resources who are uninsured or under-insured and who meet certain guidelines. Many medicines are provided to these programs by the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture them.

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