Preparing for College

Students with mental health disorders face unique challenges in college. The key to meeting these challenges is to take an active role in managing your mental health.

Planning is the first step to staying healthy and succeeding in college, especially if you have a mental health disorder. This section of the website will help you make your own plan to stay healthy.
Start by reviewing the checklist of tips for a smooth transition. Next, use our guide to create your own plan for maintaining mental health and wellness while at U-M. Fill in the boxes as you follow the guide. A completed plan will be generated at the end for you to view, edit and print.

We recommend that you complete the pages of this section in order so that you will have a complete health and wellness plan at the end. Also, after you have reviewed the other sections of this website, you may want to revisit and modify your plan.

Step 1: Recognizing Your Symptoms
Step 2: Managing Stress
Step 3: Planning for Treatment and Support
Step 4: View your Health and Wellness Plan

To see an example of a completed plan, click here.

For more information about how to plan your transition to college, we recommend that you visit the Jed Foundation's website

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