Student Spotlights

Graduate Students
Graduate students face a host of unique challenges that can impact emotional wellness. In this section you will learn about the resources and people at U-M that are ready and willing to help.

LGBT Students
Members of the LGBT community who also experience ongoing mental health disorders may face unique challenges. This section provides resources tips and resources specifically for LGBT students.

Student Veterans
In this section you will learn about the many U-M support organizations that can help you with the transition from military life to college life.

Transfer Students
The transition to college can be challenging but making the transition as a transfer student often comes with its own unique set of challenges. This section provides tips and resources to address those challenges.

Law Students
Managing the demands of law school can be especially challenging if you have a mental health disorder or if you’re dealing with other stressors beyond school.

International Students
This section provides an overview of the many resources and people available to help international students adjust to life at U-M.











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