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Emotional Health 101

Artists and students share their personal stories of dealing with everyday stresses and emotional issues like depression. From
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We Can All Change The Story

As part of its "Do Something: Stop Student Suicide" campaign, U-M CAPS has encouraged students to write messages of hope for those students who are struggling or feel alone.
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Anxiety Disorders Among College Students

Learn how to recognize and understand anxiety disorders in this presentation, part of the College of Engineering's Health, Wellness, and Advocacy Seminar Series
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Invisible: Student Voices, Mental Health, and the College Experience

The U-M Educational Theatre Company performs at the 2010 Depression on College Campuses Conference.
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The View From Here

A documentary produced with support from the Rackham School of Graduate Studies. Created to promote awareness about depression on the college campus.
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La Di Da by Asher Roth

Six college students share the ways they deal with stress in a music video set to Asher Roth’s La Di Da. From

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Student Veterans

Students who served in the Iraq War speak out about the emotional challenges of adjusting to life back at home. From
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Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz never expected his depression to grow with the success of Fall Out Boy, but it leads him to attempt suicide. From

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After losing a friend to suicide in high school, Alexandra is determined to help a college friend who is struggling. From

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Lauren's support and willingness to listen help her friend Rachel manage her bipolar disorder. From

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AJ works hard to hide the pain caused by a troubled childhood until a friend intervenes and shows him he's not alone. From

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Depression causes Scott to lose the motivation to do everyday activities. He turns the corner by learning to embrace his emotions. From

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Megan's eating disorder puts her health at risk until she reaches our for help and finds better ways to cope. From

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