Student Veterans


As a student veteran, you may find the transition from military life to college life challenging.  Often, student veterans find that they’re coming to school with different life experiences than many of their student peers and that there are different expectations, freedoms, responsibilities, and social interactions compared to what they experienced in the military. It’s not unusual to experience a range of emotions that may include feelings of isolation, loneliness, anxiety or depression. Remember that it takes time!  Just as it took time to adjust to military life, it will also take time to adjust to college life. The transition will take similar kinds of adjustments but you will have to take some action on your own. It may feel tough at first, but U-M has many support services and people that are ready and willing to help. Here are some places to start and tips for navigating the university:

Explore and enjoy all that Ann Arbor has to offer. Though it may be tempting to stay in or go back to your hometown on the weekends, exploring Ann Arbor, with its parks, theaters, museums, coffee shops and restaurants, can be a great way to meet people and learn your way around.




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