Wellness Groups

What are they? Campus Mind Works wellness groups are free drop-in wellness groups for U-M students that provide mental health education and support. These groups are facilitated by a U-M employee. The first half is an educational presentation on a mental health topic and a support group follows during the second half.

College and graduate students will learn about different factors that can impact mental health, share strategies for managing the stress of academic life, and speak with other students about challenges and successes. These groups are intended for support for students and post-docs only and are not open to others or for fulfilling clinical or other requirements.

When do they occur? Groups happen on a bi-weekly basis on Wednesdays from 12:00-1:00 p.m. October through April. See below for this semester’s schedule.

Where are they?  For Winter 2024, all groups will be held in-person. The groups will be available asynchronously through the campusmindworks.org site. Registration per event is not required, but is encouraged to ensure enough food is provided.

What else? Each student attending the group will receive lunch and a folder of resources.

Asynchronous Presentations

All Campus Mind Works wellness group asynchronous presentations will be updated here after the live wellness group has taken place. The asynchronous presentations will last about 30 minutes and you can access it by clicking on the title. When you click on the link, it will take you to a different site with interactive slides. You will be asked to log into your google account to access the presentation.

If you require a more accessible version of any of the presentations, please contact Taylor Pahl.


Coping with Financial Anxiety

Relieving Stress & Burnout

Managing Imposter Syndrome

Managing Stress & Anxiety

Strategies to Improve Motivation

Transitioning Back to In-Person

Living Remotely: How to Stay Connected and Maintain Wellbeing

Navigating Academic & Personal Relationships During COVID

Self-Care During Times of Transition

Winter Blues & Depression

How to Cope: Learning Different Strategies

How to Cope: Mindfulness

How to Cope: Challenging Thoughts that Stress You Out

How to Cope: Get Moving


Coping with Stress & Burnout

Mindful Self-Care

Managing Imposter Syndrome

Managing Stress & Anxiety

Belonging & Mental Wellbeing

Living Remotely: How to Stay Connected and Maintain Wellbeing

Navigating an Uncertain Future

Strategies to Improve Motivation

Managing Expectations in Graduate School

Managing Career Search, Anxiety & Stress

Wellness Groups Schedule


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